We invest the same passion into our communities as we bring to our operations. Improving our communities is a part of our corporate culture and our core values. Being committed to giving means our employees and community can be All together better.

Community investment is about building effective partnerships with organizations that do work where we feel it matters most in our communities. We support many charitable and non-profit organizations both financially and investing our time through volunteering. We are always looking for ways to offer positive impact in the communities in and around where we live, play, and operate.

If your organization is looking for assistance, please review our request application guidelines and fill out our online request application form.

Request Application Guidelines

    We donate to a wide range of charitable organizations and non-profit groups through financial and volunteer contributions. From large not-for-profit organizations to those at the grassroots level, we believe in supporting those causes that will have the greatest impact on our communities.

    Our main focus areas include:

  • Medical Research, Health, and Wellness
  • Youth and Education
  • Support for Local Communities (Calgary and surrounding areas where we operate)
  • Environment and Safety
  • Culture, Arts and Entertainment

Eligibility for Request

To be eligible for funding, your organization must:

  • Create positive and meaningful impact in one of our five focus areas
  • Align with Bonavista's values and culture
  • Be a registered charity or non-profit group
  • Have consistent alignment with the needs and sensitivities of the community

Organizations ineligible for funding:

  • Religious organizations except those with non-faith based purposes
  • Individuals or for-profit organizations
  • Commercial Solicitors or Third-party fundraising
  • Private foundations
  • Professional conventions, conferences or seminars unless industry related
  • Political parties, events or organizations
  • Advertising
  • Organizations that discriminate on basis of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, colour, language, national or social origin, economic status, religion, political or other conscientiously held beliefs.

We annually contribute significant amounts to the United Way and prefer not to give funding to United Way member agencies, with the exception of capital projects.

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