Recapitalization Transaction

On June 19, 2020 we announced a proposed recapitalization transaction designed to balance the capital structure and strengthen our overall financial position. 


 A copy of the Interim Order can be found here: <Interim Order>

 A copy of the Material Change Report can be found here: <Material Change Report>

 A copy of the Lender Accommodation and Settlement Agreement can be found here: <Lender Accommodation and Settlement Agreement>

 A copy of the Noteholder Support Agreement can be found here: <Noteholder Support Agreement>

 A copy of the Shareholder Support Agreement can be found here: <Shareholder Support Agreement>

A copy of the Shareholder Support and Commitment Agreement can be found here: <Shareholder Support and Commitment Agreement>

A copy of the Management Information Circular, dated July 2, 2020 can be found here: <Information Circular>

A copy of the Certificate of Continuance can be found here: <Certificate of Continuance>

A copy of the New By-Law No.1 can be found here: <New By-Law No. 1>


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